Correct Yourself

The world looks fascinating and overflowing with emotion; you may feel attracted to it and wish to give yourself
up to earthly pleasures.

You see people parading by, looking carefree and happy as if for them life were an endless party.

You watch people on television; read about the socialites; you see others in the movies, or meet them in the

And you feel uneasy and frustrated, empty inside; and it seems to you that you lead a dull life with unending
responsibilities and imperative duties.

Then you think life is too hard for you, and plunge into a growing depression until tears roll down your face.

Correct your attitude. Review your appreciation of facts and circumstances.

Maybe those who look so happy are not really so. Most of them are just selling a self-image to impress the
weak. Others, who are affluent, may be sick of life and keep themselves on drugs to chase away their
boredom, helplessly trying to get away from themselves.

All is transitory on Earth. Those who live irresponsibly will one day fall prey to depression, drugs, insanity, or

Physical decay is a law of life which cannot be dodged by anyone.

Old age and death are natural phenomena.

Nevertheless, those who govern their bodies wisely, attuning their minds to Divine Inspiration, never grow old,
and never die, for they will maintain inalterable spiritual health, both in death, and in the blessing of survival.

Joanna de Angelis

Inspirational message received by Divaldo P. Franco from the book Child of God.