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Declaration of True Civilization

Declaration of True Civilization

  • Time has come when all needs to resume its order.
  • Society needs family and family needs parents.
  • Healthy parents, healthy children.
  • No more disrespect.
  • Let us rescue the concept of respect, deference, reverence to one another and especially to parents.
  • Children’s rights are most certainly a natural law of civilized society. But no true civilization exists without the self-evident familial foundation of honoring our parents.


This is the foundation of the much needed campaign “I honor my parents”.  Neither parents are perfect, nor their children. Thus no perfecion can be demanded, but respect for each others’ rights and honor for others’ roles.

(By Mentor Joseph through the psychography of Vanessa Anseloni)

Write down how you have honored your parents and receive a wristband.


  • Thank you for such beautiful and noble inactive. Love is like a little plant that needs care and attention everyday.
    We shall cultivate the most elevated feeling known, wich is love. I first saw love through my mother and I’ve honored my parents and I will keep doing because they were my first “love” teachers on earth.
    Congratulations and May the Creator bless this project.

  • I am very grateful for my parents !!!
    A lot of things I just understood after being a mom. My beautiful son is 10 months old ! He is the joy of my life !
    I honor parents, because no matter what, they’ll be there for me !!!!!
    Thank you mom e dad !!!

  • “I Love my mom and my dad, because they means a lot to me”.

  • “I honor my mom and dad because they do a lot good things for me, example they give me books .”

  • First of all congratulations and thank you for this very well inspired initiative!
    It gave me the opportunity to think about my parents love in a deeper way. What would I be without them? First of all I would not have a physical body and consequently “no reincarnation”. Second, everything I could accomplish in this life I own them, it was thank to their devotion and love. I think we will need much more time to really understand all the meaning and all the wonder of having parents! God bless all parents and educators of the world!

  • I love my parents so much because they care about me. They always do the best for me. They care about my education and safety. When I need them most, they are always there for me. It is wonderful to have parents because they are very loving and compassionate. When you are hurt, they make you feel better. When you are scared, they comfort you. When you are loved, they make you even more loved.

  • I love and honor my Parents! Not only because they gave me the opportunity of this reincarnation and cared for all my needs until adulthood and beyond – guiding me and allowing me to grow, for which I am immensely grateful – But most especially, I love and honor my parents, for their teachings and examples of humbleness, personal sacrifice, discipline, diligent work, courage, and being charitable in the true sense of the word.

  • Parents – be they the biological ones or not – have provided a place and the means for children to grow and learn. They cannot be judged except by God. Neither the parent nor the child can hold each other to the mantle of perfection, but both can contribute to the moral and intellectual growth of each other.
    I am alive today, not through highlighting an individual achievement of either parent, but through recognizing their collective efforts. I honor the spirits of both, for the foundation and opportunities they provided, while denying for their own selves and always for the love that was behind all thoughts and actions.

  • I am very grateful for my parents just because they gave birth to me, they never thought of interrupting my mom’s pregnancy. My mom suffers from bipolar disorder and she knows she can count on me, no matter under which conditions she may be. I love you dad, I love you mom! Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be born in this world again so that I can evolute. All my gratitude and heart are with you both!

  • What a beautiful campaign! I honor my parents for everything they are! I am what I am because of them. They gave me the opportunity to incarnate and learn / relearn once again. I do love them no matter how difficult it was sometimes. Who am I to change things? I do love them for everything they are. I honor my parents because they are part of me and I am part of them. Thank you, God, for my parents!

  • Both my parents Jose e Lucilia are now on the other side, but i know they can see my post. I want to let them know that even now, so many years later ( I am 65 yrs old) I honor and love both of them and they are in my heart and in my mind always, in all of my sad moments, as well as in my happy ones and in all my achievements theirs is my first thoughts and thank yous. I thank you every day for all you gave me in knowledge and advice and examples in life. I only wish my children could one day love me like I love you. Thank you for the opportunity to shown how I honor my parents. I specially thank my mom for introducing spiritualism in our family and my dad for accepting and believing some time later. I still have both of them in my life because they visit me any time I am in need. Thank you God for my parents and for the good news of Spiritualism.

  • I honor my parents by continuing to bring honor to them through good deeds and good works. I would not be the person I am today without the lessons I learned as a child. I am very grateful for the love and help they have given me.

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