Children & Youth

This innovative program (SPYC) has the main goal to boost spirituality in our new generations. Through seasonal programs, our Spiritist Educators, will teach children and youth new and practical insights on the power of prayer, visualizations, self-control, relationship with guardian angels, family values, and the importance of unfolding their inner altruistic nature.
Our Spiritist Educators have been working with children and youth for many years. They have kindly volunteered to dedicate their time and effort sharing new tools that will help us build a new generation of deeply altruistic and spiritual individuals.

Please contact us for more information on the activities we provide for children & youth

“A spirit is more impressionable during childhood, when the impressions it receives more easily mold its personality and therefore its progress.” – The Spirits’ Book q/a 383


“Do as the good gardener does: Cut off all the defective shoots as soon as they appear on the tree. If you allow selfishness and pride to develop, you shouldn’t be surprised, later on, when you are rewarded by ungratefulness.” – The Gospel According to Spiritism, ch. 14, item 9


“Children are beings whom God has sent into a new existence(…)” – The Spirits’ Book q/a 385

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