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Jan 07 –   New Year, New You!
It is time again for  renewal! Come and join us as we
discuss new approaches on how to face the
uncertainties of the New Year. New year, new you, new
challenges… Join us in the special workshop!

Jan 14 –  Mini-Seminar with Jussara Korngold
Transition and a Recipe for the New Year
From 5pm to 7:30pm
We are living in a moment of planetary transition,
where despair and uncertainties seem to dominate the
collective minds. So, how do we navigate through
these moments and keep a balanced mind? Jussara
has a wide knowledge in Spiritism and she will bring
some reflections for us for a happy year of 2017 and so

Jan 21 –  Days of Gold, Nights of Silver: Poems,
      Paintings and Prayers of
      by  Dianne Fanti (Guest Speaker)
Ms. Fanti and Friends have just published a new book
called “Days of Gold, Nights of Silver: Poems, Paintings
and Prayers of Transformation”.  This is an inspirational
art book intended to connect you with a sense of
beauty and wonder to restore the soul. Dianne will talk
about the book as well as about the Friends of the
Homeless National Resource Center, where she is the
founder and director.

Jan 22 -  SSB Fundraising: BAKE SALE
       (place your order by Jan 16)

Jan 28 -  Gratitude as a motivation meaning for
     by Kirsten DeMelo
As part of the series of talks based on the book “ The
Psychology of Gratitude” by Joanna de Angelis/Divaldo
Franco. Kirsten will share with us how gratitude can be
an “existential transcendental, emotional enrichment,
and behavioral health for the optimistic light it shines
in overcoming …barriers…motivating meaningfulness
for plenitude”
Feb 04 –  Mental Disorders & Family
             Daniel and Kirsten
Most people believe that mental disorders are rare and
“happen to someone else."  In fact, mental disorders
are common and widespread. Most families are not
prepared to cope with loved ones who suffers from
mental illness. In this talk, we will emphasize the
spiritual causes of this condition.

Feb 11 –  Lecture Screening: Spiritism &
     Freedom of Choice with Daniel Assisi
Once a month, the SSB screens lectures  recorded
from Spiritist Speakers  from other States.  These
lectures, might be recorded on special events or in the
Spiritist centers across the USA.

Feb 18 –  Different cultures, different Ethnicities,
      one Humanity
     Alba Morales
Where are we coming from as humanity? Why do we
have different ethnicities/races? What lies ahead in
our common future? Based on the book "On the Way
to the Light" by Emmanuel/Chico Xavier, Alba Morales
will discuss about the history of civilization under the
light of Spiritism.

Feb 19 –  SSB Fundraising: Movie (Just like
) and Light refreshments at SSB Headquarter
- 12pm - 3pm
Feb 25 –  Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
    Leonardo Vieira
As part of the series of talks based on the Eternal
teachings  by Jesus, Leo will bring some insights ,
under the light of Spiritism, about  3 important aspects
of our evolution: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as the
means to progress and build a peaceful society.
SSB activities
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Mar 04 – Spiritual Influences
              Daniel Santos
“Spirits influence [in our lives] is greater than we
suppose, for very frequently it is they who guide us.”
How  do we prevent the bad influences and maximize the
good ones?  Come and Learn more!

Mar 11 –  Lecture Screening: All You Need is
 with Marcelo Netto
Once a month, the SSB screens lectures  recorded from
Spiritist Speakers  from other States.  These lectures
have been recorded on special events or in the Spiritist
centers across the USA.

Mar 18 –  Life Through the Lenses of Astronomy
         Julio Carvalho (Guest Speaker)
“...There are many dwellings in my Father’s house...(Jn.
14:1-3).The Father’s house is the Universe;  the different
dwellings are the
worlds that revolve in infinite space, offering to incarnate
spirits stations appropriate to their advancement." In this
special talk, Mr. Carvalho will address some scientific
finds that will help us to evaluate the true purpose of our
lives on Earth.

Mar 19 –  SSB Fundraising: Movie (TBD) and Light
light at SSB Headquarter - 12pm - 3pm
Mar 25 – A Spiritual View of Our Actions
         Kirsten DeMelo
How our actions can impact our future? Is it possible that
our life is a consequence of our past life? How about our
free will? Can we change our current life status? But
how? Kirsten will discuss all these, based on the Book
Action and Reaction by Andre Luiz/Chico Xavier.
SSB activities
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Apr 01– Sexual Forces of the Soul
Adriano Barbo (Guest Speaker)
Sexual energy is inherited to life itself and its fundamental
to build the family institution . The misuse of this energy will
impact the destiny of the immortal spirit. In this talk, under
the light of Spiritism, Mr. Barbo will discusses how one can
use this energy to boot life in all its aspect.

Apr 08 –  ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLE                    
SSB reserves this yearly meeting to give an account of all
donations received from the previous year as well as its
activities and financial status.

Apr 15 –  How do I see Jesus today?
The guide and model offered by God to humankind
      Yasco Aracava
After 1800 years of misuse and exploitation of His name and
image, Spiritism was granted to us to redeem the real figure
and mission of Jesus while incarnated among humans, i.e.,
to guide us towards God through his teachings, examples,
and infinite love.
Apr 22 –  Discover the Contributing Factors
Influencing Homelessness and Ways You Can Help
      Dianne Fanti (Guest Speaker)
Dianne will present the new illuminating video series by Friends of
the Homeless and we'll have a discussion
and Q&A about the 4 videos in this series: Cultural Factors
Influencing Homelessness, Personal Factors Influencing
Homelessness, Ways We All Can Help, and Sharing Street Cards.
Bring your thoughts and questions, and some toiletries or snacks to
share with the homeless and receive some more street cards
(resource cards) you can share!

Apr 29 –  FREE WILL according to Spiritism
 Daniel Santos and Kirsten DeMelo
“Since [we] have freedom of thought, we have freedom of action.
Without free will, human beings would be machines.”
SSB activities
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May 06 - SSB Spring Book Sale - Event
In Lieu of a Spiritist talk, SSB will has a Book sale event, where
our practitioners will be available to talk one on one about several
book titles. Don’t miss this wonderful  opportunity to get “food for
the soul” at unbelievable prices!!

May 13 - On Life and Death
        Cinthia Fabretti (Guest Speaker)
“When does Life begin? – Is there such a thing as a physical body
template? – What is the silver chord? – What about organ
donation? – Is Death a natural part of the cycle of life? –
Amendments to God’s Laws?  -How about the care of humans
remains?”  This and more, in a compassionate and open talk about
different Life and Death topics examined through the Spiritist point
of view.

May 18 (Thurs) - Bridging Spirituality and Medicine
       Sergio Thiesen, MD (Guest Speaker)
A topic that new age thinkers and sages from centuries ago have
attempted to bridge. Medicine and Spirituality are two topics that
do go hand in hand. Come and learn with Dr. Thiesen, you won't
regret it!

May 20 - Mental Habits, Energies of Life
       Kirsten DeMelo
"Mental life begins with glimpses and perceptions as the spirit
masters the brain's mechanisms, which decode the spirit's
thought waves." Come learn with Joanna de Angelis on this
powerful message and topic!

May 27 –  SSB Headquarter Closed (Fundraising Art Event)
  Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet presents
Wild about AMERICA - Spring Production
Saturday, May 27,  7pm – 9pm at Mary D Harrison Cultural Arts Center
2950 Chaneyville Rd, Owings, MD 20736 (Get your ticket at SSB - $20)
SSB Activities
May Flyer - PDF
Jun 03 - Deep Listening to Others and to God
       Paula Schmidt
Practicing active listening techniques fosters conscious and
heartfelt communication with other people. Cultivating inner
stillness through meditation enables the restless mind to settle
and to listen to God.  The spirit Joanna de Angelis recommends
meditation "in order to live well and evolve properly"

Jun 04 – Trip to the Egloffs' Farm in Gettysburg-PA (SSB
Fundraising Event)
You are invited to spend a day in Gettysburg, PA (11 - 4pm).
Besides enjoying the farmland and having lunch together, we
will be going to the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center...
JOIN US! (Price: $20 adult $10 child).  Address 121 Sibert Rd.
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Jun 10 -  A Highlight on the Divine Justice – 11th U.S.
Spiritist Symposium.
 Yasco, Daniel, Kirsten and Sarah will
briefly  discuss some of what they learned from the presentations
at the 11th U.S. Spiritist Symposium, Orlando, FL.  

Jun 17 - Understanding Cultural Diversity               
Kirsten DeMelo
Join us as Kirsten will discuss how to understand people's
cultures, promote engagement with others, and build strong,
diverse communities, under the light of the Spiritist teaching.

Jun 24 – Cases from the Spiritual World
        Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos will share some cases from the Spiritist literature
to help us in the understand life’s struggles.

Jun 25 – The 2nd Maryland Spiritist SUMMER CAMP
“A Parallel Between the Physical and the Spirit Worlds”
AKSS-MD and SSB will promote a day with children-youth and
their parents at the Black Hill Regional Park - Shelter E (small)
at 20930 Lake Ridge Dr. Boyds, MD 20841
SSB Activities
May Flyer - PDF
Jul 01 –  Lecture Screening: Americans and
Immortality of the Soul
by Jussara Korngold
Talk presented at the 2nd Annual Spiritist Seminar - Suicide
Prevention organized by the Long Island Spiritist Doctrine,
Long Island, NY on Nov, 22,2014

Jul 08 – The Recipe for Happiness
           Leonardo Vieira
In this encounter Leo will talk about some key elements to
establish and maintain healthy relationships based on the
teaching of doing onto others what you wish to be done onto
you. Come and Join us!

Jul 15 – Who is the boss? Roles in the amily according
        with Joanna de Angelis
         Alba Morales
"In the view of the scientific and technological advances,
alongside the ongoing socio-psychological revolutions, the
family of today is seeking parameters of equilibrium to
survive the chaotic phenomena of moral nature". In this
scenario, roles in the family had been changed affecting the
harmony and balance of the "cell of society". How to gain
balance again? How to preserve harmony and love in the
family? Joanna de Angelis will give us her answers.
******SSB Fundraising Bake Sale will be provided*******

Jul 22 – Spiritism and Global Challenges
          Adrian Alvarez (Guest Speaker)
In response to Q. 704 of The Spirits' Book, the good Spirits
tell Kardec that God has given human beings the need to
stay alive and the means of doing so. Yet when we open the
newspaper, it seems like all we read about is war and
destruction, the degradation of the environment, and greater
social inequality. Should we be resigned to the world as it is?
Or can Spiritism and developing a greater sense of
spirituality help us find a solution to the challenges facing our

Jul 23 (Sun) – Picnic in the Park (SSMD)

Jul 29– The Good Samaritan – A Lesson to Be Learned
         Daniel Santos
In this talk, Daniel will discuss some important aspects of the
Parable of the Good Samaritan told by Jesus. Come and Join
Aug 05 –  Lecture Screening:
Healing with the Gospel in  Today's World by Divaldo

Aug 12 – Mini-Seminar with Fred Gouveia (5pm to 7:
30pm).  Reflections on the Sermon of the Mount
The Sermon of the Mount is one of the most profound
passages of the Gospel. In it, Christ offers a detailed
roadmap for the disciple's spiritual purification and inner
growth. Spiritist scholar Carlos Torres Pastorino's analysis
of the Sermon found in his work "A Sabedoria do Evangelho"
("The Wisdom of the Gospel") will be the highlight of the
lecture, as well as music, to connect our feelings with the
ones evoked by the Sermon's words.

Aug 19 –  Sleep and Dreams
 Daniel Santos
What are dreams? What happens with the  spirit during the
sleep time? Come and learn  about the mechanism of the
emancipation of  the soul.

Aug 20 – (Sun) – SSB Fundraising Event  
Summer Bar-B-Q @ 12 – 4pm
Location:  128 Kriders Church Rd, Westminster, MD 21158
Ticket: $ 20 adult  and $10 children (5-12y)

Aug 26 – Mini-Seminar with Julio Padovan (5pm to 7:
30pm).   Understanding Emotional Suffering
Based on chapters 32 through 35 from the book “The Integral
Human Being” by Joanna de Ângelis (spirit) and Divaldo
Franco and the book “Love, Unassailable Love” by the same
authors. The lecture focuses on the origins of our suffering,
exactly where it came, what or who engineered it, and what
its purpose in our lives is, if any. This topic provides and
understanding of the difficulties we normally face in our lives
and, consequently, provides consolation in that it helps us to
identify the origins of those difficulties as a first step in
dealing with them.

Aug 31 – (Thurs.) Spiritual Intervention
Powerful Insights for Breakthrough Living
Come and Joy us for this special talk with our guest speaker
Flavio Zanetti.  You will learn about the Spiritist approach on
Spiritual interventions.
SSB Activities
August Flyer - PDF
Sep 02 – 04 – SSB Closed
 Labor Day Weekend (Sat. and Monday)

Sep 07 (Thurs @ 7pm) – The Action of Thought in
           Health and Sickness
 Dr. Andrei Moreira (Guest Speaker)

Thought and Will are the driving forces of our lives. Our
health or sickness are intimately tied with the pattern of
our thoughts and by knowing its mechanism we will have
a heathier life. Come and Learn more with Dr. Moreira.

Sep 09 –  Marriage, A Spiritist View
            Daniel Santos
In this talk, Daniel will approach the topic by analyzing the
ins and out of marriage under the Spiritist view.

Sep 16 –  Lecture Screening: Science and the Role
of Spirit in Healing
by Dr. Gary Schwartz
Once a month, the SSB screens lectures recorded from  
special events across the USA.
****SSB Fundraising: BAKE SALE  (place your order by
Sep 0 9)

Sep 23 –  Amelia Rodrigues
            Alba Morales
Amelia was a notable poetess, player writer and teacher,
who lived during the 19-20th century in Brazil. After she
disincarnating, Amelia has brought several books through
the mediumship of Divaldo Franco.

Sep 30 –  The Archetypes of the Spiritist
            Jussara Korngold (Guest Speaker)

Mrs. Korngold will draw a parallel based on the Last  
Supper, analyzing the archetypes of the Apostles, with
the current Spiritist practitioner. True Spiritists are
recognized by their moral transformation and the efforts
they make to overcome their evil inclinations (The GAS).
SSB Activities
September Flyer - PDF
Oct 07 – “The Science of Things Spiritual”
(Highlights of the inaugural lecture series at Lily
Dale) with Paula Schmidt and Yasco Aracava

Journey with Yasco Aracava and Paula Schmidt to
Lily Dale, a Spiritualist Community in Northwestern
New York State. Where professors of psychology,
music history, and sociology of religious
movements as well as an architect and
parapsychological researcher presented their
research findings bridging the human and spiritual
worlds. Join us!

Oct 14 – Immunity and Spirituality
           Monica Malta
Science and Spirituality are two aspects of a single
reality. The spiritual, psychic and physical immune
system are deeply interrelated. A better
understanding can lead to real progress, inner
reformation and peace.

Oct 15 (Sunday) - SSB Family Fall Gathering
           (Fundraising Event) from 12-4pm
Join us for a Fall themed afternoon  with lunch
and activities at the Egloffs' Farm in Gettysburg-
PA. This is  a SSB fundraising event (Price: $20
adult $10 kids).  Egloffs' Farm is in Gettysburg-PA
121 Sibert Rd. Gettysburg, PA 17325

Oct 21 – Documentary Screening: Mindfulness
Goes Mainstream (2017 PBS). The Mindfulness
movement is sweeping the country due to its
improving overall health and well-being... After
screening, an activity will be facilitated by Paula

Oct 28 – Why do Good People do Bad Things?
            Debora Beldowicz (Guest Speaker)
Why do Good People do Bad Things?  The lecture
will shed light as to a few of the psychological and
spiritual components that brings us to commit
immoral, unethical, or illogical harmful acts.  The
concept of good and evil will be discussed in its
essence as taught by the Spiritist Philosophy.
Nov 04 –  Faith
              Daniel Santos
Faith is the mother of all virtues and the innate
sentiment in human beings of their future destiny. In
this talk, you will learn how to strengthen this great
virtue for a better life.   

Nov 09 (Thurs @ 7pm) – How Can We Help in the
                                      Work of Christ?
       André Luis Chiarini Villar (Guest Speaker)
In this lecture, Mr. Villar will bring many ways  we can
help in the building of a “new you” and consequently a
better society according to Jesus' proposals.

Nov 11 – What do You Treasure?
               Leonardo Vieira
As part of the series of talks based on the Eternal
teachings by Jesus, Leo will bring some insights on  
what we, as society, treasure the most and how this
can impact our current and future life.

Nov 18 – Peter and Us
              Yasco Aracava
A reflection on the life of Simon Peter will be
discussed. Yasco will also bring some highlights of
Peter’s great transformation, from being called by
Jesus  to some key moments  of his life as a model
for our inner peace.

Nov 19 (Sunday) - SSB Thanksgiving Gathering
            (Fundraising Event) from 12-3pm
This moment isn’t only to raise funds, but to
commemorate one more year of service, prayer,
study, and friendship at the Spiritist Society of

Nov 25 – CLOSED – Thanksgiving Weekend
In observance of Thanksgiving we will be closed.
Enjoy your time with family and Friends…!
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