The Spiritist Society of Baltimore (SSB) is a non-profit organization. All its services and educational activities are offered at no cost to our community. All its volunteers dedicate their time without any financial benefit. There are some costs that cannot be avoided such as rent, electric power, internet, water supply, and etc. SSB member’s contributions allow us to plan our expenses appropriately and keep our Spiritist Center functional.

Membership Levels

    Those members who, while unable to make any financial contribution, provide services to the Society on a regular basis for at least 1 year.
    Those members who offer their financial support, in monthly installments, who excel in their provided services or contributions to the Society for at least three (3) years which,  and in the opinion of the Board of Directors, entitles them to enjoy the rights accruing to electable members. They may participate in administrative meetings, submit suggestions in writing, vote for, be elected to the elective posts including board of directors and offices, and propose the admission of new Permanent Members.

I want to become Contributing Member

In order to become a Contributing Member please click on the buttons below that corresponds to the amount that better fits your budget. No matter how much you are able to contribute, we are grateful for your support. Once you complete your membership subscription, Paypal will automatically send your contribution to SSB every month.

Payment Options